LAGI 2020 Fly Ranch
LAGI 2020 Fly Ranch Deadline Survey
Last week we made the difficult decision to cancel site walks at Fly Ranch. Though walking the site in person is a very good practice, it is not required to participate in the design challenge. There is a great deal of information available on the supplemental materials page of the website. 
With satellite images, detailed aerial mapping, hundreds of panoramic photos, meteorological data, a virtual tour, and copious scientific information, there is sufficient information to make informed design decisions and arrive at an insightful proposal.
We are now deciding whether or not to postpone the submission deadline and we'd like your help.
Postponing the submission deadline will have knock-on effects to the rest of the project schedule. We are prepared to manage everything online and stick to the original schedule (65 days remain until the May 31st deadline). 
Before we make a decision we'd like to hear your opinion. This global pandemic continues to alter our lives in tragic and unexpected ways. Perhaps if we extend the submission deadline, we will accommodate the ideas of more people who are also able to reflect on this existential crisis in the context of the design challenge.
Please take a minute to answer the following questions on this survey so that we can make a fair and informed decision.
At Home with the Land Art Generator
While the world is quarantined, we have been releasing a new episode daily of one-minute shorts with fun lessons on renewable energy. Check them out on Vimeo, YouTube, or the Land Art Generator social media feeds (click on any of the buttons below).
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